Manuals and Documents

The existing documentation associated with the reservoir simulator MUFITS is provided on this page. Note that an actual complete User’s Guide for the simulator does not exist. Therefore, you might have to make efforts to understand how to conduct a reservoir simulation and how to analyse the simulation results. For these purposes, please read not only the documents provided on this page but also review the simulation exercises on the page Examples and the list of publications on the page Author.

File Size Version Description
Reference Manual 1 MB 2017.A This is the Reference manual for the latest version of the software. The document contains description of the keywords syntax and a complete list of mnemonics.
Installation guide for Windows 1 MB 2015.G This is installation guide for Windows (64-bit).
Notes on MUFITS license file 1 MB 2015.G Information about obtaing and using MUFITS license file is provided in this document.
Files Format 0.9 MB 2013.B The reservoir simulator MUFITS can produce both formatted and binary output files. In general, all the output files have the same free format database structure. The complete description of the format is provided in this document.
Postprocessing Utilities 0.7 MB 2013.D The hydrodynamic module output files can be converted to files in VTK format. This files are supported by ParaView visualization software. In this document you can find the description of how to convert the output data and how to load it in ParaView.
User's Guide 2.4 MB 2011.A This is a NOT ACTUAL User’s Guide. The syntax of the majority of keywords had been changed since the release 2011.A. Therefore read this document cautiously because the provided information can be incorrect for the current release. The MUFITS hydrodynamic module is referenced in the document as H-simulation module. By reading this document, you can understand the mathematical model applied in MUFITS and general rules of input data syntax.

Training Courses

At present, there are 3 MUFITS Training Courses. You can use the documentation provided with the courses instead of a User's Guide in order to understand the workflow with the code. The latest courses are recommended.

Course Name Version Description
Training Course C 2015.G EOS-modules: GASSTORE, BLACKOIL, T2EOS1, BINMIXT, SIMPLMOD;
Applications: CO2 storage, oil & gas, geothermal;
Language: English.
Training Course B 2015.F EOS-modules: BLACKOIL, GASSTORE, T2EOS1, SIMPLMOD, BINMIXT;
Applications: oil & gas, CO2 storage, geothermal;
Language: Russian.
Training Course A 2015.B EOS-modules: T2EOS1, BINMIXT;
Applications: geothermal;
Language: English.